OBK Investment | O'Brien Kiernan Investment Co.

OBK Investment | O'Brien Kiernan Investment Co. | Incorporated 1923

About OBK Investment

O’Brien Kiernan Investment Co. (“OBK”) is a San Francisco-based, family-held real estate firm that owns, develops and manages commercial real estate throughout the United States. OBK’s portfolio consists of mixed-use projects, freestanding retail, and neighborhood centers.

Approaching its eighty-seventh year, OBK has passed the “test of time,” having the breadth of experience to complete any real estate project. Under the firm’s three generations of leaders, OBK has witnessed nearly a century of real estate “cycles” with the patience and foresight to continue to grow and prosper.

Today, OBK is an investor and developer, acquiring land to build retail centers from the “ground up,” repositioning aging real estate, and purchasing new shopping centers and other commercial buildings. At the same time, OBK is also a Landlord, leasing its property to national tenants, many of the country’s most recognized retailers.

As OBK grows closer to its one-hundredth year, the firm’s goals remain true to those of its founders -- to create a legacy in real estate based on sound principles, a long-term investment strategy, and a willingness to adapt to a constantly evolving real estate market.


In 1915, two contractors, Thomas F. Kiernan and Richard “Dick” O’Brien joined together to build homes, apartments, and commercial buildings in San Francisco. In a few short years, they had completed over sixty projects, constructing many of San Francisco’s landmark buildings. In 1923, the two incorporated, establishing O’Brien Kiernan Investment Co., now one of San Francisco’s oldest real estate firms.

In its early years, OBK focused on residential real estate, building houses and apartment buildings in the City’s growing neighborhoods. Later, OBK’s efforts shifted to property management, overseeing many of its San Francisco properties, and acquiring others throughout Northern California.

Under the firm’s second generation of leadership, Thomas F. Kiernan, Jr. increased OBK's role as a developer, building neighborhood centers, strip centers, and fuel stations. At the same time, OBK began investing in real estate outside of California.

As the firm expanded, OBK's presence grew as it developed and acquired “triple net properties” in some of the country's key retail markets. In doing so, OBK has been able to establish strong ties with a variety of national brokers, tenants, and lenders.

Presently, the firm’s third generation of leaders oversees OBK, bringing some sixty plus years of their own real estate experience to the venture. Building on relationships started by their ancestors, OBK continues to broaden its real estate portfolio throughout the United States.

With its vast expertise and long history, OBK’s future looks as bright as the day it started nearly a century ago.